10 February 2020


Deloitte published the Global Powers of Retail 2020 report.

According to the report, the largest (in terms of total revenue) 250 retail companies generated $ 4.74 trillion in revenue, representing 4.1% compound growth in fiscal 2018. The annual income of companies on the list from retail was 19.0 billion dollars on average. BİM and A101 from Turkey have achieved great success this year by taking place in the list of giant brands.

The strongest brands of the retail, which were among the top 10 in the list last year, maintained its position in the list this year as well. The growth rate of the world’s top 10 retailers has exceeded the growth rate of the top 250 retailers listed this year, contributing 32.2 percent to the total retail revenue. The composite net profit margin of the top 10 retailers increased by 0.5 points compared to the previous year. Rapid consumption was the sector that stood out in terms of both number of companies (136) and average income ($ 23.2 billion) in the entire list. 136 companies operating in the fast moving consumption sector made up 66.5% of the total revenue.

While 88 of the world’s top 250 retail companies entered the list from Europe, these companies made up 34.4% of the list. It is noteworthy that the average revenue of US companies has reached $ 27.6 billion. The average of the fastest growing 50 companies in the last 5 years was 19.4%, well above the average growth of 250 companies, which was 5%. The most important factor in this growth stood out as the growth in E-commerce.

BİM and A101 competed among giants

Deloitte Turkey Retail Industry Leader Hande Özdiler Yılmazkaya who evaluated the report said ” Despite the loss of value of TL and experienced in the 2018 economic slowdown the, two companies from Turkey continued to be among the world’s largest retail companies. BİM achieved a growth of 22.2% between 2013 and 2018 and ranked 157 on the list. A101, which entered the list last year, ranked 4.11 with revenue of $ 4.1 billion and remained last year’s 5th place among the 50 fastest growing retailers. ”
Deloitte Consumer Industry Leader Özkan Yıldırım; ‘’We see that the top players in the retail industry continue to maintain their positions. The world economy, which slowed down in 2019, is showing signs of slowing down for 2020. Although the world economy is thought to achieve positive growth, players in this challenging environment need to increase their digital activities if they want to develop new business areas and markets. In 2019, predicting consumers’ expectations has become more important than ever. The protectionist policies implemented by countries in world trade are expected to continue in an environment of low inflation and borrowing costs. However, despite low borrowing costs, investment expenditures will remain relatively weak and economic growth will be restricted worldwide, due to low salary growth rates and weak consumer spending, including countries where unemployment has decreased ”

Top 10 retailers of fiscal 2018

Sorting by income level Company name Origin Retail revenue in 2018
(milyon ABD $)
1 Wal-Mart USA 514,405
2 Costco USA 141,576
3 Amazon USA 140,211
4 Schwarz Germany 121,581
5 The Kroger USA 117,527
6 Walgreens USA 110,673
7 The Home Depot Inc USA 108,203
8 Aldi Group Germany 106,175
9 CVS Health USA 83,989
10 Tesco PLC Britain 82,799