1 February 2020


Sainsbury’s announced that it will make layoffs by merging departments with Argos which it bought in 2016. Sainsbury, the second largest supermarket chain in the UK, announced it will make hundreds of layoffs in new business cuts. The giant supermarket chain stated that the cuts were largely due to business integration due to the acquisition of Argos, which it bought in 2016. According to the news of Metro.co.uk, a total of 178 thousand people work in Sainsbury. It is stated that departments such as commercial, retail, finance, technology and human resources in the supermarket have plans to further integrate into Argos and Sainsbury. Since March, the number of senior employees has decreased at a level of one fifth. The company previously announced that it has a £ 500 million savings plan. The company refused to say exactly how many people would lose their job; however, forecastings are that hundreds of people will be fired.