1 February 2020


Arrival to the shelf story of the meat that is bought in Metro Turkey is on the bill.

Metro Turkey took a step further existing practice by developing digital traceability system which they began in meat products that prepare in their stores. GS1-128 barcode system within the scope of the GS1 Global Traceability Standard which is created by the 110 countries on the purpose of safe follow-up infrastructure began to be adhibited by Metro Turkey for the first time. In addition to the information showing the commercial identity of the vacuum and carcass meat products purchased thanks to the GS1-128 barcode system, the story of the meat coming from the farm to the shelf will be included in the invoices with all its details.

Trainings were provided to improve the digital infrastructure of the suppliers.

Metro Turkey which collaborates with meat suppliers concerning implementation of GS1-128 barcode system which is the first in Turkey and installation of digital infrastructure provided to actualize pilot schemes in their plants by giving educations to 36 meat suppliers from coast to coast.