24 January 2020

Migros was awarded the first prize in the 2020 European Private Brands Awards, one of the most prestigious award organizations on a global scale, organized by European reputable supermarket magazine European Supermarket Magazine.

Migros returned with the top flight from 2020 Europe Private Label Prizes which leading retailers and suppliers of Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Denmark, Turkey, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, England attend with private label product of Migros, M Life Bio organic juices. M Life Bio Organic Fruit Juice was selected as the best in the “Non-Alcoholic Products” category in the competition which products are evaluated with innovation, design and taste criteria. The jury, which evaluates Migros’ M Life concept and M Life Fruit Juice products separately, was deemed worthy of the award with the statement that the M Life concept guides the consumer to make healthy choices, provides added value to its consumers, and that its packaging directs the product composition in the best way and exceeds taste expectations. Sena Erol Özdemir, Group Manager at Migros Marketing Business Development and Migros Only, emphasizing that Migros offers its customers over 500 thousand branded products developed with 65 years of experience, and said, “Our sensitivity is the basis of our product quality, which we gather only under the roof of Migros. The increasing appreciation of our consumers is the most important indicator of trust in Migros. The awards we received crown our success. ”

M Life Bio Organic Juices contain no additives.
M Life Organic, certified by ECAS, the organic certification agency, juices are produced by direct juicing. M Life Bio Organic Juices, which are 100 percent juice, do not contain any additional ingredients such as water, sugar and sweetener. It is appreciated by consumers for its intense consistency, real fruit flavor and glass bottle.