11 November 2018

‘’If you can’t change the flow, change your perspective ”

PLAT Academy, established by PLAT Association and being the first in private label products sector, opened its doors with ‘Perception and Relationship Management ’training of Gökhan Okçu, one of the trainers of İzgören Academy. Participants had the opportunity to obtain valuable information in the first training, which attracted great attention.

Because knowledge became the greatest power of the production process, PLATE Private Branded Products Manufacturers and Suppliers Association established PLAT Academy in cooperation with Izgören Academy which Turkey’s one of the oldest educational institutions. PLAT Academy aims to provide the necessary information and equipment to those who want to play the game according to the rules in an economic structure where the world trade is changing rapidly and those who cannot keep up with this change are left out of the game.

The first training of PLAT Academy, which will continue throughout the year with experts in the field, started with the training on “Perception and Relationship Management’’ given by Gökhan Okçu, one of the trainers of İzgören Academy. Cem Rodoslu, MİGROS CMO, a well-known name in the retail sector, was the guest of the opening of PLAT Academy and made a speech. Rodos said, ‘’Your focus almost flows into your energy. Do your job right, be yourself and empathize. As a result, you give the other party a huge sense of confidence. ”

Trainer Gökhan Okçu emphasized that correct and effective communication is one of the keys to success in the business world. ‘’The three functions managed in life: effective communication, relationship management, and perception management. The three things that exhaust the human brain the most are uncertainty, indecision, and acceptance. Change your perspective if you can’t change the flow. ”
At the end of the training, which showed intense interest, PLAT Academy granted İzgören Academy approved certificate to all participants.