7 November 2019


We shared the latest developments in our sector, the rising star of retail, and our forecasts for the future, at the 5th Private Label Summit held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on November 6, 2019 with the participation of valuable names. Our Summit, which we assembled together representatives of national and local retail chains as well as our manufacturers and suppliers under the same roof and gained more power each year, received a great deal of attention this year.


The 5th Private Label Summit, where we, as PLAT Private Branded Products and Industrialists Association, has been growing rapidly every year, to which this sector has discuss in detail its way out to make this growth permanent, started with the opening speech of M. İmer Özer, Chairman of the PLAT. İmer Özer who states that the consumers has bought the product he noticed said, ” This year, we gathered our private label or Private Label products sector, which is strengthening its place in the retail sector, for the fifth time. We have determined the theme of our summit this year as “Way Outs to Stay Permanent”. Not every searcher can find whatever he or she is looking for, but those who find it are searchers. In today’s changing conditions, we cannot discuss sustainable growth with only a pricewise competition. For this, we must first be durable and agile, which there is in our genes. We must think globally;however, we should act locally without forgetting conditions of Turkey. Secondly, we should focus. Focusing on a certain area brings success. We should use our creativity for innovation and focus on the problem, not competitors. We must be simple as the third way out. We need change of pace and should differentiate because the consumers buy what they realize. Fourth, we should not forget to empathize. If there is a hope, there is always a way out. As long as we are searchers and break out of the routine and sign the works that are followed. Thus, we can achieve differentiation and permanent growth.’’


Leading names of our industry were at the 5th Private Label Summit 

We do the honours to valuable speakers, each of which became a brand in its field at the 5th Private Label Summit, which was held with the moderation of successful presenter Oylum Talu. During the summit, our participants had the opportunity to both meet with the leading names of our industry and listen to the valuable views of our speakers.

After the speech of our President M. İmer Özer, Nielsen Retail Services Director İlker Unutkan and Journalist Author Serdar Kuzuloğlu took part in the morning session. Afternoon session began with speech of Aysun Zaman who supports the women in the retail industry. The summit continued with the speeches of BIM COO Galip Aykaç, Educator Writer Mümin Sekman, A101 CEO Erhan Bostan, Educator Writer Serkan Karaismailoğlu and Migros CMO Cem Rodoslu. The closing speech was made by the Professor Doctor Özgür Demirtaş, Sabancı University Chair of Finance Chair.


The private label products industry grew 29 percent in the 9-month period of 2019 and increased its allotment in FMCG turnover to 21 percent.

Nielsen Retail Services Director İlker Unutkan gave information about the latest developments in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods and Private Label Products sector in his presentation at the summit. Unutkan stated that the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) market turnover grew 16 percent in the 9-month period of the year compared to the same period of the previous year, while Private Label turnover grew 29 percent in the same period. Private Label Products increased their allotment in the FMCG market to 21 percent with this growth. İlker Unutkan uttered that 9 out of every 10 shoppers knew the price of all or most of products, also 3 out of every 4 shoppers compare Private Label prices with prices of branded products by emphasizing  that shoppers make an effort more and more to catch the most profitable special offer with price awareness according to results of the last investigation.

Private label products are growing faster than Europe…

Nielsen Retailer Services Director Ilker Unutkan said , “the Private Label share of turnover in Turkey Fast Moving Consumer Goods turnover rose 20 percent in 2018. While the share of Private Label turnover in Turkey is above 16.3 percent the world average, it is behind 31,5 percent which is Europe average. There is a more stable growth in Europe after 2016. Turkey is developing faster in this sector.’’


Here are notes from other valuable sharings of other speakers of our 5th Private Label Summit…

Journalist-Writer Serdar Kuzuloğlu made a speech on “New People, New Consumption, New Opportunities”. Kuzuloğlu who talked about changing completely consumer habits said that technology has a very important place in new trends and brands which use good technology can sell the product which they want. He pointed out that competition has increased the need for different business plans along with technology in our era that thousands of products which shopping is done with a click are offered to consumers.


Head of Lead Network Turkey, Aysun Zaman, who aims to increase the number of female managers and supports the women managers in the retail industry gave information about the work of the Lead Network Turkey in her speech. Zaman said, “LEAD Network is an association founded in the Netherlands with more than 6 thousand members from 43 countries this year. LEAD aims at equal representation at all levels. In particular, we are working to increase the number and effectiveness of female leaders. This is our only mission and goal. We differ as a sector-specific association and support women working in the retail industry. 18 percent of LEAD Network’s 6,000 members globally are retailers.’’


BİM COO, Galip Aykaç, who started his speech with the words “I am proud to be the manager of a company with 40 thousand women employees” said that total retail expenditures reached 1 trillion 60 billion TL and 50 percent of this amount was from food expenditures at the 5th Private Label Summit. Aykaç stated that 26 percent of food spending was made through modern retailers. Galip Aykaç who emphasized on the issue of efficiency said, “In order to compete, productivity must be increased. Those who cannot compete because they cannot provide efficiency must first see the problems and try to solve them. These problems cannot be solved with legal regulations. Arrangements that there is not standardization and allow differences will avail. If we want to be a developed country, it should be emphasized on increasing productivity instead of such arrangements. ”


Educator & Writer Mümin Sekman made a pleasant presentation that tells the secret of success with examples. Sekman who said “We make our choices first, and then our choices make us. It results in what we choose to do, so life eventually gives it the final shape.’’ On the other hand, he defined success as “being able to do what he could not have done yesterday, turning his potential into performance and achieving success is to astonish”.


Erhan Bostan, CEO of A101, who opened 1000 stores every year, said: “A 101 came to this point with scarce resources and we are happy from the point we have reached. In 2023, we aim to increase the number of our stores from 9 thousand to 13 thousand and our product number from 400 to 2 thousand. We also aim to add 400 new Private Label products to our shelves in 4 years.  As A101, we will always continue to work with both national and international brands. In the meantime, we will keep the brands of Privatel Label manufacturers on our shelves. However, in our main business, Private Label, we will put 400 more types in our product count. We currently have 700 kinds of Private Label products in our stores ”.


Educator & Writer Serkan Karaismailoğlu, who said “When it comes to efficiency, the most efficient structure is the human body. If we perceive the efficiency in the human body, we can integrate it into business life. The manager of the system that provides this efficiency is brain.’’ made one of the most dynamic speeches of the Summit with his presentation which he quoted from his book titled “Female Brain Male Brain”. Karaismailoğlu who described the scientific data about the gender of the human brain in a humorous language, revealed the differences between the female brain and the male brain in all aspects.


Cem Rodoslu, Migros CMO, who shared information about the documentary about the richness of Anatolian agriculture, which will be screened at the beginning of next year within the scope of Social Responsibility studies, with the participants of the Summit said: “The world faces a very serious sustainability problem. I also have worry for the future of Turkey and world as many of us. The world is unfortunately not going very well. As Migros, we carry out important works for sustainability in this direction. Turkey is a good agricultural country; however, cultivated areas is gradually disappearing. As Migros, we support the development of agriculture. More than 70 percent of the products sold in Migros are products with good agricultural practices. We must make it clear to all people and sectors how strong Turkish agriculture is and how important agriculture is for our country. In this direction we have prepared a documentary which shows that Turkey hides productiveness that waits to be found out with more than 550 hours of shooting in each corner of Anatolia for the last two years. We have been in more than a thousand villages and local centers. We pictured all the harvest in Anatolia. We pictured honey, sunflower and olive. Our next mission and social responsibility is to explain how rich Anatolia is in terms of agriculture and to do it all together. ‘’


Prof. Dr. Özgür Demirtaş, Head of Finance Chair of Sabancı University, who made the closing speech of the Summit, received great applause from the hall with his presentation on economy and technology.

We would like to thank our sponsors and all participants who supported our 5th Private Label Summit.

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Hope to see you at the 6th of our Private Label Summit, which has a strong place in the retail sector and contributes to the development of our private label products industry.

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